2nd Shift Production Manager

2nd Shift Production Manager


The 2nd Shift Production Manager is responsible for directing, controlling, and supervising all Supervisors and Production teams. The 2nd Shift Production Manager will administer the Plant Manager’s expectations and represent Management on 2nd shift. Must have a working knowledge of those jobs that are performed by each team.


A summary of the essential functions of the position includes, but is not limited to, the following:          

  • Maintain constant surveillance of the Shell Molding area of the facility looking for unsafe acts, damaged equipment and other poor practices; immediately stop unsafe acts; survey other areas of the plant looking for the same.
  • Ensure that the on-going/continual recertification of the process ‘specialists’ are completed on time.

Become intimately aware of the build details outlined in the Work Instructions relative to the key and overarching process of Shell Layup, Shell Infusion and Blade Closing. Know where to look to review the Work Instructions relative to Ancillaries, Bay 2 and Bay 3.

  • Ensure that all of the build processes are taking place in compliance with the latest released versions of the applicable Work Instructions.
  • Offer suggestions to Engineering relative to the improvement of the Work Instructions when the process can be improved.
  • Focus on the quality of the build process as the means for reducing scrap, reducing rework, reducing cycle time and achieving weekly/monthly production goals.
  • Improve 6S conditions:
    • Direct teams to keep the scaffolding around the Shell Molds free of unnecessary clutter.
    • Direct teams to place all items when not in use back in their proper storage areas
      • Some examples:
        • Spar Cap location jigs stowed on designated brackets.
        • Foam infusion hose in their boxes.
        • Brooms for sweeping \the inside of Shells in their designated holders/brackets.
        • Root end curing covers stowed in their designated locations.
    • Oversee  Ancillary production, Bay 2, Kitting and Bay 3 to make sure the 2nd shift supervisors of those areas are maintaining clean and safe working conditions.  All work areas will be left neat and tidy at the end of every shift.
  • Improve the skillsets of the Shell Mold Supervisors  by working with HR and the T1 Management Team,
  • Identify teammates to be developed for positions of higher responsibilities (example: teammates who can be developed and trained to be Sr. Techs; Sr. Techs who can be developed and trained to be Supervisors).
  • Maintain one-on-one communications with the 1st shift managers and supervisors.
  • Develop and maintain very close, positive and productive relationships with all functional areas of the business unit, especially Engineering and Quality.
  • Keep Plant Manager apprised of all major disruptions to the layup, infusion and closing processes to the daily/weekly manufacturing plans as such disruptions become known to the 2nd shift Production Manager.
  • Report all safety incidents that occur during 2nd shift. Call/involve the HSE Manager and Plant Operations Manager, if needed.
  • Become familiar with the formal MFG-SD teammate disciplinary process  and follow the graduated disciplinary process as outlined in the MFG-SD Teammate Handbook.
  • Attend the 4:00PM (16h00) End of Business (EOB) meetings held in Conference Room A to understand what happened in the plant during 1st shift so it is understood what needs to happen during 2nd shift.
  • Provide direct assistance to 2nd shift supervisors, as necessary, to enable completion of daily goals set forth by bay managers.
  • Observe and report to appropriate authority (bay manger, QA, engineering, etc.) working conditions, work activity or lack of the same that requires attention to include safety conditions, work rule violations, etc.
  • Carry out specific specialized task as assigned or determined by Plant Operations Manager or his/her designee.
  • As needed, provide coordination and prioritization of supporting disciplines (maintenance, cranes, QA checks, engineering checks) to optimize production goals and efficiencies.
  • Assist with other duties or responsibilities as assigned.


  1. Education:        Bachelor’s degree in Business- or Manufacturing Management-related field or equivalent of 5 years in job experience.
  2. Experience:       3-4 years in a production environment with supervisory experience.


To apply please email your resume and cover letter to Mary Grund at mgrund@mfgsouthdakota.com