Automated Scanning Improves Inspection of Wind Blades

Wind blades manufactured at MFG SD are now being inspected with the latest automated ultrasonic technology (AUT). The entity is an early adopter of ultrasonic testing, and currently the only manufacturer using an automated ultrasonic scanning system to inspect 100% of all bond lines on new blades.

AUT inspection is a repeatable technique providing a detailed image that can be analyzed to insure that all areas meet specifications. This method provides an accurate, storable record of defect sizing and placement data for repair work, root cause determination and defect elimination.

According to Mark Rumrey, the teammate responsible for bringing the new system online, “In addition to giving us better data, AUT is less labor-intensive and faster. One operator can complete a scan with occasional extra support – versus the manual 2-person system.” Mark is a certified level III non-destructive technician and has played an instrumental role in maintaining the company’s solid reputation for quality testing.