When MFG was founded in 1948, the company consisted of a few men and women combining their ideas, talent and energy in a single small building. Today, we are the industry's leading custom molder of FRP composites with operations in eight US states and Mexico – and a leader in the exciting wind energy industry.

The backbone of MFG is the quality and commitment of our team, and we have developed a company culture with opportunities for our teammates to have good jobs as well as good lives. MFG offers competitive salaries and benefits and an environment where teammates can develop themselves to advance their careers.

Human Resources Manager
Allison Tunheim
3333 N. Interstate 35, Bldg 5
Gainesville, TX 76240

Job Openings

  • Production Supervisor/ Aberdeen SD


    A Production Supervisor is responsible for the directing, controlling, and supervising the various Teams that are working on his/her particular shift. Must have a working knowledge of those jobs that are performed by each team.


    A summary of the essential functions of the position includes, but is not limited to, the following:

    1. Interface with each Senior Technician on his/her shift to ensure that Teams perform their assigned duties per quality standards and per assigned schedule.

    2. Oversee work assignments for the Teams.

    3. Overall supervision of Teams.

    4. Enforce Company policies and safety regulations.

    5. Assist in the training of new Teammates.

    6. Ensure each Team maintains good housekeeping practices in its area.

    7. Maintain required records for process, materials usage, and Teammate time slips.

    8. In the absence of Management Teammates on site i.e. second and third shifts, the Production Supervisor has overall responsibility for the facility.

    9. In the event of any major problems or emergencies the Production Supervisor will notify the appropriate Management Teammates.

    10. Assist with other duties or responsibilities as assigned.


    A. Education: Bachelor’s degree in Business- or Manufacturing Management-related field or equivalent of 5 years in job experience.

    B. Experience: 3-4 years in a production environment with supervisory experience.


    A. Teammates supervised directly: 3 or more

    B. Teammates supervised indirectly: All shift Teammates

  • Human Resource Manager/ Aberdeen, SD

    Job Description


    Develop, implement and evaluate human resource programs, which ensure the effective management of the facility workforce. Manage compensation and Teammate benefit programs costs effectively, while ensuring competitiveness, and maintain compliance with human resource legal requirements.


    A summary of the essential functions of the position include but are not limited to the following:

    A. Human Resource Programs:

    1. Coordinate and administer the recruitment, hiring and orientation of all new Teammates.

    2. Administer Teammate benefit programs and assist Teammates with benefit issues.

    3. Implements and annually updates compensation program; rewrites job descriptions as necessary; conducts annual salary surveys and develops merit pool (salary budget); analyzes compensation; monitors the performance evaluation program and revises as necessary.

    4. Assist managers and leaders with performance appraisal procedures.

    5. Develop human resource policies; maintain and ensure compliance with Teammate handbook.

    6. Assist managers in the determination and coordination of Teammate training programs. Maintain training logs.

    7. Monitor disciplinary practices for fairness and consistency.

    8. Develop and implement Teammate communications programs.

    9. Conducts recruitment effort for all exempt and nonexempt personnel, students and temporary employees; conducts new-employee orientations; monitors career-pathing program, employee relations counseling, outplacement counseling and exit interviewing; writes and places advertisements.

    10. Establishes and maintains department records and reports. Participates in administrative staff meetings and attends other meetings, such as seminars. Maintains company organization charts and employee directory.

    11. Evaluates reports, decisions and results of department in relation to established goals. Recommends new approaches, policies and procedures to effect continual improvements in efficiency of department and services performed.

    12. Performs other incidental and related duties as required and assigned.

    B. Education:

    1. Develop, introduce, and monitor education programs for all Teammates.

    2. Work with appropriate local and state organizations to identify programs and funding opportunities to support MFG training efforts.

    C*. Miscellaneous Responsibilities:*

    1. Serve on Corporate HR Committee.

    2. Complete special projects as assigned.

    3. Become a visible company representative in the community.


    A. Education: Bachelor’s degree in Human Resource field. Training continued through workshop and seminar participation.

    B. Experience: Minimum 5-7 years human resource background. Must have strong interpersonal skills with ability to manage and coordinate several functional areassimultaneously.


    A. Teammates directly supervised: 2-10

    B. Teammates indirectly supervised: 0

    Job Type: Full-time

  • Health, Safety and Environmental Manager/ Aberdeen, SD

    Title:               Health, Safety & Environmental Manager

    Reports to:     Plant Manager



    Manage all programs, policies, and procedures which ensure compliance with Environmental Safety and Health requirements.  Develop and/or coordinate safety and health programs and Teammate training activities, which help ensure a lower incidence of on-the-job accidents and promote overall safety and health.



    A summary of the essential functions of the position includes, but is not limited to, the following:

    1. Environmental Compliance:
      • Complete the timely reporting of necessary documentation pertaining to SARA Title III, V, Tier II, and related environmental requirements.
      • Develop plans and procedures on handling hazardous waste and emergency spills; train Teammates on plan implementation.
      • Obtain the necessary documentation to obtain permits in relation to environmental issues.
      • Coordinate the disposal/transport of waste products and complete paperwork.

          2. Employee Health:

      • Coordinate and complete all Industrial Hygiene and Employee Health testing; maintain records and notify Teammates of test results.
      • Implement procedures pertaining to use of protective equipment.
      • Develop and promote Teammate Wellness programs.
      • Maintain interface with Teammates and Doctor’s on work related injuries.
      • All issues and procedures that are related to South Dakota Workers Compensation.

           3. Workplace Safety:

      • Review all Teammate injury reports and maintain OSHA-300,301,300A logs.
      • Develop safety rules and interface with Supervisors on their implementation.
      • Administer Hazardous Communication Program.
      • Assist in Teammate forklift training.
      • Organize activities of Safety Committee.
      • Interface with OSHA representatives on all compliance issues.
      • Prepare necessary corporate and division Safety Reports.
      • Develop and administer annual safety budget.
      • Assist with other duties as assigned.


    1. Education: Bachelor’s degree in Safety or Environmental Science. Must remain current on position responsibilities through participation in continuing education workshops, seminars, etc.
    2. Experience: Minimum 3-5 years of background in assisting an industrial Safety and Health program.  Experience in a highly labor-intensive environment preferred.  Must possess effective interpersonal and communications abilities.



    Teammates directly supervised:                      2-5

  • Quality Engineer/ Aberdeen, SD

    Position Objectives:

    Develop, implement, and monitor Quality Department Teammates and procedures pertaining to plant quality systems in their areas of responsibility. Ensure compliance to all customers, corporate and plant quality policies, procedures and requirements. Provide leadership in the implementation of quality improvements and corrective actions.


    A summary of the essential functions of the position includes, but is not limited to, the following:

    1. Responsible for managing the Quality Teammates in a designated
    2. Manage the implementation and evaluation of quality processes, emphasizing those which provide cost savings or improve production
    3. Manage apps in the QMS software, including programming and developing new apps to upgrade QMS systems already in place.
    4. Query and analyze process data using statistical techniques like SPC, ANOVA, t-tests, and process capability
    5. Develop or implement software packages to further process improvements. This could include coding or learning coding in various languages such as C++, VB, Python, or
    6. Maintain, and develop, quality specifications in their area of
    7. Coordinate with Human Resources for training, counseling, yearly reviews, labor tickets, and discipline of Teammates in their
    8. Administer Teammate’s time within established
    9. Maintain quality systems of operation in their areas of
    10. Maintain product inspection criteria and complete Teammate training of
    11. Maintain receiving inspection procedures if applicable.
    12. Perform random Quality system audits; report on findings to Quality Assurance manager for corrective
    13. Interface with production Teammates in resolution of quality problems and determine information needed for non-conforming products i.e., scrap, rework, etc. that will need to be
    14. Notify suppliers of non-conformance issues and determine follow-up
    15. Complete all Plant Quality Reports for their area of
    16. Establish and maintain 6S area evaluations in areas of responsibility.
    17. Maintain all Lab equipment and training of all lab equipment. (DSC, FWF, Gel Time )
    18. Complete special projects as assigned. (Gage R&R )


    1. Education: Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in Mechanical Engineering, Chemical Engineering or Industrial Engineering required. Training and background in implementing ISO 9000 series system will be required.
    2. Experience: Minimum 1-5 years of experience in Management. Experience with ISO 9000 series and contemporary quality systems. Minimum 2 years of background in areas of product/material testing, inspection quality assurance and SPC. Experience gained in plastics environment desirable. Minimum 1-5 years of composites experience preferred and hands on experience with implementation of engineering processes and procedures. Technical knowledge and experience with vacuum infusion molding with epoxy resins, hand lay-up and spray lay up of epoxy and polyester resins, compression molding, gel coat application, and surface painting of composites parts preferred. Experience with Microsoft Office tools required. Experience with databases, data queries, software coding, data manipulation, and learning new software preferred.
    3. Position Dimensions:
      1. Teammates directly supervised: 0-10
      2. Teammates indirectly supervised: 10-35
  • Sr. Process Engineer/ Aberdeen, SD


    Guide and assist in the development and on-going implementation of manufacturing processes that best utilize available labor, materials, production, and engineering needs.


    1. Processes / Materials Functional knowledge support.
    2. Processes control, parameters monitoring, audits, training.
    3. Electronic Content Management.
    4. Documentation (MPP, WI, books)
      • Revisions
      • Maintenance – correction of errors, clarifications
      • WI (SOP, IP)
    5. Bench trials, shop trials.
    6. Process Engineering support of 2 shifts operation.
    7. Dispositions of defects, SDR control, Repair plans.
    8. Corrective Actions Support.
    9. MPP Qualifications.
    10. CAD/CAM/CNC programming/troubleshooting including Glass Cutter, Router and Heat machines.
    11. Promote a positive environment throughout the operational structure, encouraging Process Engineers to take ownership of quality and performance, data collection and generation of ideas and solutions to problems.
    12. Direct and support the Process Engineering team in the development and/or improvement for manufacturing processes and resolving production issues. Focused on quality improvement and manufacturing cost reduction.
    13. Regularly collate and report to the Engineering Management:
      • Workforce utilization data.
      • Performance of Process Engineers.
      • Projects/tasks status and completion.
      • Cycle times.
      • Balance log.
      • Troubleshooting.
      • SDR status and completions.
      • Changes/improvements and management.
    14. Failure analysis, Troubleshooting / Maintenance request, Field/shop failures support.
    15. Calibrations/measurements.
    16. Ensure that a safe and clean work environmental is provided for all Process Engineering teammates.
    17. Process qualifications for new tools, products and materials.
    18. Yield/Variance support.
    19. Assist with other duties or responsibilities as assigned.


    Lead the Process Engineering Team in support of their role to provide process improvement and technical expertise for all company operations. Performance management

    Effective Communication

    High standards

    Collaborate as part of the Product\Project Engineering team to develop new products to meet customer and internal specifications and requirements. Collaboration

    Customer orientation

    High standards

    Establish and manage statistically capable processes for all production platforms. Problem solving & decision making

    Business thinking

    Provide projects leadership and management expertise for multiple and complex engineering related projects. Results oriented

    Effective communication

    Personal accountability

    Manage the implementation and evaluation of manufacturing processes, emphasizing those which provide cost savings or improve production methods. Performance management

    Effective Communication

    High standards


  • Materials Manager/ Aberdeen, SD


    Manage Inventories, Raw (direct product cost) and Expense (indirect product cost) and all purchasing policies, programs, and procedures which ensure the procurement of materials meeting quality, price, and delivery requirements, along with all major material movements from product purchase, delivery, distribution to point of use, movement of semi-finished and finished goods, in addition to loading of customer owned / sold product.


    A summary of the essential functions of the position includes, but is not limited to, the following:

    1. Purchase all raw materials (direct product cost), including Fiberglass, Hardware, Paints & Coatings, Resins & Curing Agents, Core materials, and other direct and directly consumed materials.
    2. Oversee the purchase of all “expense” items from items consumed indirectly to office supplies.
    3. Create, implement, and monitor all purchasing procedures and policies.
    4. Interface with internal departments on materials, specifications, and locate material vendors.
    5. Initiate and forward requests for quotation to candidate vendors/suppliers.
    6. Obtain pricing special tooling and facility equipment needs.
    7. Prepare necessary reports and maintain records on outstanding and received orders as well as materials utilized.
    8. Assist in selecting purchasing software applications.
    9. Develop and maintain ISO 9000 purchasing procedures, as required.
    10. Interview, select, and train warehouse, purchasing, and supervisory Teammates.
    11. Plan, develop, and implement warehouse safety, security programs, and activities.
    12. Prepare or direct preparation of correspondence, reports, and operations, maintenance, and safety manuals.
    13. Confer with department heads to coordinate warehouse activities such as: production, sales, records control, and purchasing.
    14. Review invoices, work orders, consumption reports, and demand forecasts to estimate peak delivery periods and to issue work assignments.
    15. Examine invoices and shipping manifests for conformity to tariff and customs regulations.
    16. Prepare and manage departmental budgets.
    17. Evaluate freight costs, sales and excise tax, as well as, other inventory costs associated with transit times to ensure that costs are appropriate.
    18. Develop, maintain and implement various “material handling” programs and procedures to ensure the safe movement of materials throughout the manufacturing facility, including the movement of semi-finished (WIP) and finished goods.
    19. Develop and implement plans for facility modification or expansion such as equipment purchase, changes in space allocation, or structural design.
    20. Develop and document standard and emergency operating procedures for receiving, handling, storing, shipping, or salvaging products or materials.
    21. Develop implementation and monitor Master Production Plan and inventory control in line with business objectives.
    22. Other duties and projects as assigned.



    1. Education: Bachelor’s degree in Business-related major. Certified Purchasing Manager (CPM)/CPIM-APICS Certification.
    2. Experience: Minimum 4-6 years of diverse industrial purchasing experience. Knowledge of plastics and raw materials preferred. Working knowledge of ERP systems.


    1. Teammates directly supervised:   2-5
    2. Approximate annual purchases: $10,000,000-$40,000,000


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