MFG Wind has over 35 years of experience producing more than 20,000 blades for OEMs. Production first started in our Adelanto, CA facility, moved to a new facility in Gainesville, TX and continues today in our purpose-built Aberdeen, SD facility.

Blade production and in-house blade repair is currently handled at two dedicated wind product manufacturing facilities located in South Dakota and Texas.

Our top-rated warranty record is recognized for built-in product integrity, process control and proactive maintenance and oversight which all contribute to quality products. MFG Wind has resourced each facet to ensure customer satisfaction for the life of each blade. Our ISO 9001:2015 / APQP4Wind Quality Management Systems, manufacturing processes, and operational business practices are managed to meet the needs of OEM customers, including project management, protection of intellectual property, documentation, supply chain management and finance.

In-Factory Blade Refurbishment Services

For blades that cannot be repaired in the field, we can coordinate the removal of your damaged blades, transport them to our facility and install the repaired blades on-site.

  • Blade reconditioning, fairing, painting, tip extensions
  • Lightning Protection System (LPS) validation and repairs
  • Weight and re-balancing
  • Major structural repairs including replacement of wet core and damaged laminates
  • Rebuilding of eroded leading edge of blades and application of leading-edge protection to blades (paint or tapes)
  • Repair of split trailing edge of blade with re-glass and fairing
  • Adding new root close outs and access hatches
  • Cleaning root insert stud’s with application of anti-corrosion coating
  • Internal shear web repairs
  • Spar cap repairs from exterior
  • Edge protectors for LE and TE for blade transport and lifting
  • Provisioned through MFG’s two blade manufacturing facilities, all work is done in a clean, controlled environment with a constant ambient temperature ensuring that all resins and materials cure properly.
  • Refurbished blades (with proper quality documentation) can be delivered ready to install on-site or maintained in the factory laydown yard until needed.