Factory Service and Reconditioning

Value Creation: A Year-Round Solution to Quality Repair Work

Factory Service and ReconditioningFor warranty or post-warranty repairs that cannot be accomplished onsite, factory service is a good option, and MFG Wind with MFG Energy Services offers factory repair services from three locations presently. Customers find this a high value service when weather conditions are not conducive to sound curing, or up-tower work is too risky.

Your damaged parts are shipped to our nearest factory, skilled technicians make the repairs quickly in fully provisioned factories, and the parts are returned to your site to resume productive service. This is real OEM factory service!

Part Reconditioning that Extends Productive Lifespan

Factory Service and ReconditioningReconditioning composite parts is another way of adding productive value to legacy turbines, and MFG Wind now offers restoration services that give new life to aged or damaged blades.

Upon arrival at the factory, your blades are carefully inspected. Skilled technicians perform the restoration work, and after completion your products are transported back with appropriate documentation. If a repetitive problem is diagnosed, an engineered solution will be found to return your fleet to productivity as quickly as possible.

  • Wind Blades
  • Nacelles and Nacelle Covers (Turbine Housings)
  • Spinners/Nosecones
  • Ancillary Composite Components
  • Assembly