Kitting Production Supervisor

Kitting Production Supervisor

POSITION OBJECTIVE:  A Production Supervisor is responsible for the directing, controlling, and supervising the various Teams that are working on his/her particular shift.  Must have a working knowledge of those jobs that are performed by each team.

RESPONSIBILITIES A summary of the essential functions of the position includes but are not limited to the following:       

  • Interface with each Senior Technician on his/her shift to ensure that Teams perform their assigned duties per quality standards and per assigned schedule.
  • Oversee work assignments for the Teams.
  • Overall supervision of Teams.
  • Enforce Company policies and safety regulations.
  • Assist in the training of new Teammates.
  • Ensure each Team maintains good housekeeping practices in its area.
  • Maintain required records for process, materials usage, and Teammate time slips.
  • In the absence of Management Teammates on site i.e. second and third shifts, the Production Supervisor has overall responsibility for the facility.
  • In the event of any major problems or emergencies the Production Supervisor will notify the appropriate Management Teammates.
  • Assist with other duties or responsibilities as may be assigned.


Education:    Bachelor’s Degree in Business or Manufacturing Management related field or equivalent of 5 years in job experience.

Experience:   3 - 4 years in a production environment with supervisory experience. 

Desired Experience:       

Experience with G & M code programming.

                        Experience with CNC Router (Quintax 5 axis).

                        Experience using CNC Glass Cutter (Eastman).

                        Experience using nesting programs to optimize materials.

To apply please email your resume and cover letter to Mary Grund at