Repair and Maintenance Services

Value Creation for Wind Farm Operators - Improving Efficiency and Profitabilty of Installed Turbines

MFG WindAs the industry has matured, MFG’s offerings have expanded to fill customer needs. Today, we provide complete aftermarket services related to composite parts for wind turbines.

The benefits of working with a company that provides lifetime support will vary by lifecycle stage – but the big benefit to customers is the same Quality Engineered Value that we "build in" to new parts.

Whether fabricating a new blade or problem-solving a blade erosion problem in the field, our depth of composites knowledge translates to value – quality repair work that endures, economically smart spare parts, and reconditioning existing parts to extend the ROI on a legacy turbine.

Beyond field services such as repair and maintenance, we also provide factory services, spare parts manufacturing, blade reconditioning, and insight when out of the ordinary problems arise via the largest and best-equipped in-house laboratory in the composites processing industry.

As part of a broad-based composites fabricator, MFG Wind is not limited to blades, nacelles and spinners – but can support any FRP part related to your wind operations.

Bring us your problems and challenges – we’d like work with you to find a quality solution that helps your business.