Replacement Parts

Value Creation: Aftermarket Replacement Parts that Add Years of Productivity to Mature Turbines

Replacement PartsFor operators of ageing fleets or resellers of pre-owned turbines, MFG Wind is a premium resource for aftermarket replacement blades, nosecones, nacelles, hatch covers and other FRP components that are no longer available from the original equipment supplier.


Replacement PartsMFG Wind can provide customers with newly manufactured spares fabricated from tooling that is generated from a worn or damaged part. A mold and new composite parts matching the original can be fabricated quickly using a process that does not injure the original part. When the original specifications are not known, the laminates are determined by reverse engineering.

MFG Wind has factories organized to accept jobs of all sizes.

  • Blades
  • Nacelles and Nacelle Covers (Turbine Housings)
  • Spinners/Nosecones
  • Ancillary Composite Components