Senior Manufacturing Engineer

Senior Manufacturing Engineer

The Senior Manufacturing Engineer is a proactive, analytical, business minded team member with a sense of urgency and a promoter of communication.

The MFG-SD Engineering team fosters a culture of design and problem-solving, communicating directly with stakeholders, continuous improvement – both personally and as an organization, and maintaining our company’s relationship and attractiveness to customers.

Responsibilities and Key Skills:

  • Guides and mentors Engineers to develop creative solutions with multi-disciplinary teams.  Helps advance the creative process in Engineering and others.  Creative brainstormer.  Uses past experiences to develop new solutions.  Has good judgement about what ideas are feasible.  Coaches others through problem solving techniques.
  • Supports the Engineering team in the development and/or improvement of manufacturing processes and resolving production issues. Focused on quality improvement and manufacturing cost & cycle reduction.
  • Builds effective communication throughout department and company.  Encourages others to express views, even when contrary to his/her own.
  • Skilled at customer presentations and influencing internal and external customer.  Maintains the customer relationship.  Resolves external customer issues at an advanced engineering level.
  • Joins team as resident expert of vacuum infusion technology.
  • Joins team as, or becomes a, resident expert of vacuum degassing systems of resin.
  • Supports engineering decision making during all operational shifts, including nights and weekends.
  • Understands engineering financial impact on the business.
  • Understands urgency of project completion and keeping projects on schedule.    Anticipates roadblocks.  Clearly identifies and keeps projects within scope.
  • Reviews, provides feedback, adjusts bills of material, and launches projects related to customer drawings.
  • Reviews, enhances, trains and maintains revision control of Work Instructions and related policies and procedures.
  • Leads Corrective Action teams and projects.  Utilizes FMEA, 8D, and APQP tools in Corrective Action projects for effective implementation.
  • Interfaces with all plant departments for buy-in of projects: Management, Production, Health & Safety, Quality, Materials & Purchasing, HR, and Warranty.
  • General support of CAD/CAM/CNC programming/troubleshooting including Glass Cutter, Router, Blade Drilling Robots, Ovens, Resin degassing and distribution equipment, and Heat control systems.
  • Qualifies new products and processes with trials, and maintains internal and external customer documentation.
  • Performs failure analysis, Troubleshooting / Maintenance request, Field/shop failures support.
  • Utilizes Statistical Process Control / Six Sigma / DMAIC methodologies.
  • 3D and 2D CAD proficiency in Solidworks or equivalent and AutoCad/DraftSight or equivalent.
  • Documentation of personal and overseen work is professional and frequent.
  • Helps in new Teammate Training.  Trains the trainer.
  • Makes detailed plans to accomplish goals and directs the integration of technical activities.
  • Performs and advises bench trials.
  • Assists in determining department priorities.

To apply please email your resume and cover letter to Mary Grund at