Social Responsibility

Social Responsibility

Corporate social responsibility is a guiding principal of the Molded Fiber Glass Companies. Beyond ethical dealings with customers and suppliers, this includes responsible stewardship of our teammates, our communities and the environment.


MFG’s corporate-wide Lean 6 program includes efficient manufacturing and green practices. This program monitors waste stream in our operations and pursues measures and practices for reduction. An appointed team at each MFG facility contributes to our corporate Green Practices, and an annual corporate awards program recognizes the best new solutions and practices that are brought forward.


The company contributes resources in the form of funding and advocacy to local causes, and champions teammates to participate in the betterment of the communities that are home to MFG facilities. Grassroots community support is part of the MFG culture and a longstanding tradition of the Morrison Family.

Teammate Health

The health and safety of our teammates is supported through company-provided health insurance, on-site medical clinics at our largest plants, on-going education and training for teammates whose work involves potential risk.  MFG has an excellent safety record. An annual company-wide awards program incentivizes recognizes safety achievements.

You can find many examples of these programs in the company’s quarterly newsletter, The Composites Age.