Value Creation: In-House Tool Production for Engineered-In Reliability and Cost Savings

MFG Wind designs tooling with the specific composite process in mind. Careful planning before the mold design is completed produces parts with “engineered-in” reliability, at a lower labor cost. Molds can also be fabricated from master patterns that you supply, and modified with engineering improvements for improved manufacturability.

Nacelle ToolingLeveraging 60+ years of composites manufacturing experience, all MFG molds are fabricated in-house – ensuring a long-lasting tool that outputs more parts, and delivers more value for your original investment. We proactively maintain customer tooling for the duration of it’s useful life so you know it will be “at the ready” when the time comes to turn up production.

For situations where your run of parts is short and a limited amount of parts is required, we have short-run mold fabrication solutions that produce high quality output affordably.

Fixtures for processing parts are also designed and integrated by MFG Wind. These can contribute to increased quality, reduced variation and deliver the part reliably.

  • Design and Engineering Consultation
  • Pattern Fabrication
  • 3-D CAD/CAM Modeling
  • Low-Cost Production Mold Fabrication
  • Jig and Fixture Design and Fabrication
  • Prototype Development
  • On-Site First Article Validation