Turbine Component Manufacturing

ValueCreation for Turbine Manufacturers - Lower warranty costs and higher customer satisfaction

Well-crafted, high quality composite blades, nacelles and spare parts that stand up to the rigors of nature and time are critical to turbine productivity.

As the wind industry’s most experienced and knowledgeable composites supply partner, MFG Wind offers OEMs a single, trusted and comprehensive resource. From prototyping and materials selection to efficient processing and quality control, MFG wind is uniquely geared to build products that will perform better and last longer. And when aftermarket repairs, replacements and services are needed, we are there to provide support for as long as the turbine is in service.

Support for New Product Development

Starting with new product development, MFG can support you with prototyping and first article fabrication. Our respected engineering and R&D laboratory is available to assist your team with evaluation of material and process options that will result in the performance you want to achieve. As your product evolves, we can support component re-design and engineering changes - bringing to bear the latest material, process, environmental and other factors that are relevant to your objectives.

Flexible and Cost-Efficient Fabrication

To meet your production and delivery needs, MFG Wind has established a network of strategically located factories across North America that feature the highest standards of composite manufacturing technology. Resin infusion and open molding processes are available as well as automated trimming, drilling and painting.

Three of MFG's 12 manufacturing sites are partially or fully dedicated to fabricating composites for wind, including a showcase 325,000-sf plant in South Dakota. In cases where regional fabrication is desired, it is possible to bring on special teams from other factories that can transfer technology and know-how.

This network of factories enables Just In Time delivery and efficient transportation options for improved flexibility and cost-savings.

Value Added Services

  • Project Management
  • 3-D CAD/CAM Modeling
  • Design and Engineering Consultation
  • Pattern Fabrication
  • Production Mold Fabrication
  • Jig and Fixture Design and Fabrication
  • Prototype Development
  • On-Site First Article Validation
  • Part Reduction and Consolidation
  • Surface Finishes: Painted or Gel-Coated
  • Secondary Hardware Integration
  • Value-Added Assembly Services

What is "Quality
Engineered Value"?

It is the higher standard of manufacturing made possible by “engineering in” product quality from Day One and continuing through production.

MFG has been a top wind energy supplier since its earliest days, and a pioneer of many product advances in this field.

Deep composites expertise + industry savvy + manufacturing excellence = Superior Products and Customer Satisfaction


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Learn how MFG Wind is organized to deliver on our promise: quality, schedule, cost - and more.

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